Facebook Hall of Fame

As an undergrad, I took to Facebook to describe my life with Cerebral Palsy. I write the audacious things people say to me, the responses I wish I could have said out loud, and things I wish people would understand about living with my disability. While the vast majority of my posts are funny and light hearted, behind each one is a bigger and deeper story. For any new readers who have found their way to my blog, here are a few favorites:

The post that started a much bigger and wider conversation about my BFF Betsy

If I could walk, I'd be doing the potty dance.
Father forgive me if I slap this woman

It's a Miracle! 

1 mile? More like 1 Marathon

Curiosity killed the cat

Dad Jokes. 

No surprise, I picked pink.

Does the eyeroll emoji work on blogger?

Stayed tuned, there's more where these came from!


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