An Open Letter To Betsy DeVos

Actually, Betsy, I still have more to say.

You say that accommodations for children with disabilities would be unduly burdensome on schools. Your goal is to cut government spending. You say that schools should have a choice. The thing is, for me, and so many others like me, an education is the only choice.

Cerebral Palsy limits the use of both my arms and legs. There are virtually no jobs I could work without a formal education. If I tried to flip a burger, it'd end up on the floor. As much as I love shopping, you should see what it looks like when I fold a shirt. Growing up, I always knew that to make up for my physical limitations, I'd have to rely on my mind. 

I've been blessed with parents that have stopped at nothing to give me the best and brightest future. Finding me a progressive, accessible environment to learn has always been their number one priority. What if it weren't for them? For the millions of children that didn't get this lucky, a public, adapted education is their only chance.

Providing children with a fair chance to learn is the first step in ending a cycle of dependence on public assistance. My education is the only reason I no longer rely on government benefits. Without jobs that pay well and provide healthcare, what choice will these children have but to fall back on the very government that failed them in the first place?

If you want to cut government spending in the long run, give countless disabled children a fighting chance to succeed. 

As a billionaire, I would have thought you'd have a better understanding of investments.


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